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Teach You How To Choose Plastic Casket Corner

Teach you how to choose Plastic Casket Corner
Kashiwagi coffin is a better selection of burial, Plastic Casket Corner selection is also very important, since ancient times, whether it is high officials are still ordinary people will be very sensitive to the word feng shui, for example, usually cover the new house will be selected The good address of the moment. Plastic Casket Corner is certainly not an exception, the following brief introduction to the daily life of selected Plastic Casket Corner knowledge.
From the feng shui point of view to choose Plastic Casket Corner, to see the house of geology, we must first look at soil, which is often said feng shui, that is, the quality of the land is geology or soil, soil on the ground all things are binding, Not an exception. One side of the soil and water to support a person, what kind of land will have what kind of impact on people, so the poor mountain water must be very fierce and extremely evil, but the spirit will be outstanding. Soil quality will also have a great impact on the residential feng shui. Solid and natural luster, moist, there is such a soil of the local, home can be prosperous; moist, strong, the most vibrant land, will be elegant, and the longevity of the mountains; soil is not loose, charming here, popular There is a lot of local grass is not raw, people generally put him a big fierce, no vitality; blue black brown and black and not moist, the same is fierce, not suitable for people living in this environment will be poor life; And soil relaxation, not wet the local, will be sick, people decline;
Choose from the selection process point of view Plastic Casket Corner. The first is the selection of Plastic Casket Corner, through others, perhaps online inquiries, telephone consultation and other methods, determine one or two available cemetery; scheduled field viewing, by telephone consultation, personal visit consultation, online consultation and other Method to understand the basic situation of the selected cemetery; for on-site viewing, the general needs of the scheduled time to watch. Some cemeteries offer free viewing cars, customers can go to an appointment to take a free ride on the cemetery to reach the cemetery to watch the purchase.
Pick the grave. Generally there will be led by the cemetery guide to the tomb area, select the tomb, select the grave should pay attention to that, select the tomb type if the general is not returned after the decision; also in the existing grave free selection of different levels of the tomb , Is also very convenient; grave location generally by the cemetery in order to sell, but not sure, and some can disrupt the order of sale.
After the selection of Plastic Casket Corner is an important part of the work, so the descendants of the ancestors based on the previous wishes or habits to choose the appropriate plastic Casket Corner.
Funeral funeral is a civilization, Plastic Casket Corner funeral funeral in the possession of a very important position. No matter how famous people born, after death should lie in the coffin. When it comes to "coffin", there will be many friends and fear, ghosts and other contact together, then what "coffin" in how to choose it? Here is the mahogany coffin manufacturers to introduce you to the coffin choice:
 (1): funeral funeral funeral in today, rarely used a large coffin, and basically are used to facilitate the installation of small bones of the bones of the coffin, folk also known as fire box. Its shape and the coffin is exactly the same, that is, the coffin of the reduced version. The first point of taboo is that the time of delivery of coffins, regardless of Plastic Casket Corner shape size, in the absence of enchantment before the coffin of the bulk and the front must be common; enchanting, the coffin of the small head and the front together.
(B): why should the burden of the ancestors of the body, ashes of the appliance called Plastic Casket Corner, during which the performance of our profound and profound funeral of the essence of the funeral. Ancestral death, is a painful thing, but after all, the deceased has gone, the living need to persevere, sustained days, in order to rely on the key to the death of ancestors to encourage future generations, so this device called the coffin. Ancestors driving crane west tour, descendants to make a fortune. The coffin is also the official, the material is also wealth to.
(3): Speaking of Plastic Casket Corner, here also talk about the urn, urn and coffin the difference, that is, the former is a horizontal opening, which is a longitudinal opening. The appearance of the casket is the best proof of funeral civilization with the times. But never change the meantime, the same as the transport of the urn is taboo, that is: to be selected after the end of the urn box, not covered with the lid of the urn, to be installed after the ancestral ashes, before they can be tightly covered.