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Swing Bar Shaped House

Swing Bar shaped house
The ancients in talking about the house feng shui, with particular emphasis on the Swing Bar-shaped residence is a big fierce house, the occupants easy to torture blood filial shirt; and some people say, Swing Bar promotion fortune. Swing Bar wholesale manufacturers to introduce you to how to look at these two diametrically opposed to say?
First, let's take a look at what is Swing Bar. There are two kinds of Swing Bar, one is the width of the former wide, generally speaking, Swing Bar live in the odds, but the practice has proved that there are mixed.
If you buy a house or plan to rent a home for a long time to meet the Swing Bar, it is advisable not to buy or rent. If the truth is compelling, you must ask the feng shui master conditioning to resolve, otherwise, I am afraid there will be no peace, disaster constantly.
Why is such a big haven of such a residence? As the saying goes, "life breath", feng shui talk about the possession of the wind together gas, and this house is not just gas and is a grimy gas house, so naturally is a disaster Xiao Xiao, the culmination of 100 end. As to when, where, what kind of disaster is required due to house, the person and other factors. In accordance with the theory of modern mind theory, Swing Bar is buried in the dead thing, so the house will naturally give the person to stay with a very bad mind hinted, and then to the occupants of the formation of a heavy burden of mind, bang accumulation tired, Must be.
In practice, Swing Bar is also mixed. Its roots, nothing more than the fate of the people who have a relationship. Swing Bar is shaped like a "wood" (that is, the five elements of the wood), so if the people live in the hi wood, the fire will be Kyrgyz side of the side, if the people of the soil, hi gold or hi Water people will be fierce no good luck. However, the people who enjoy the wood, hi fire people stay in the house of Swing Bar although Kyrgyz side of the side, but also can not help but fierce side, for example, although the residents can make a fortune, but the greater the fortune is often suffer the disaster will be more Big, this is the so-called big into the big "out" also.
To sum up, Swing Bar-shaped residence is very fierce. But from today's society, especially in the city, because of the constraints by geographical conditions, such accommodation more and more, really worrying. Thus, in the end, we strongly appeal to the construction of the planners do not plan Swing Bar-shaped residence!
Many people mentioned that the Phoebe Swing Bar will feel very unlucky, and even feel that will see the mood, but the Phoebe Swing Bar manufacturers, but it is fortune to get rich projects, so let the Phoebe Swing Bar has a Good sales, whether it is in the material, carving process point of view there is a certain demand for the selection of demand, that Phoebe Swing Bar how to carry out maintenance, Phoebe Swing Bar manufacturers tell you!
Nan wood can not be free wax, a lot of wax on the market, there are water wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes are basically containing acid and alkali substances, long-term use, not only will block the stone breathable pores, but also simply make the stone stained with dust and dust to form wax scale, the formation of nanometer wood appearance of yellowing phenomenon.
To keep the nanese wood "breathe clear", we all know that Nan wood is pores, should avoid the appearance of bamboo wood and other debris, or moisture can not evaporate, Nan wood will be due to increased water content occurred Nan wood lesions And other issues. Should always use dust and electrostatic mop to do a good job of dust and cleaning operations Nan wood maintenance.

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