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Mainly As A Low-key Luxury Connotation Of The Swing Bar

Mainly as a low-key luxury connotation of the Swing Bar
Funeral Funeral is a civilization, Swing Bar in the funeral funeral is occupying an extremely important position. No matter how famous people born, after death should be lying in the Swing Bar. When it comes to "Swing Bar", there will be many friends and fear, ghosts and other contact together, then what "Swing Bar" in how to choose it? The following is the mahogany Swing Bar manufacturers to introduce you to the Swing Bar options:
 (1): in today's funeral funeral funeral, rarely used in the big Swing Bar, and basically are used to facilitate the installation of ashes of the small stone stone Swing Bar, folk also known as fire box. Its shape and Swing Bar exactly the same, that is, Swing Bar of the reduced version. This is the first taboo that is, when the Swing Bar, regardless of Swing Bar shape, in the absence of enchanting, Swing Bar's big head must be common with the front; after the installation, Swing Bar's head and head together.
(B): why should the burden of the ancestors of the body, ashes of the tool called Swing Bar, during which the performance of our profound and profound funeral of the essence of the funeral. Ancestral death, is a painful thing, but after all, the deceased has gone, the living need to persevere, sustained days, in order to rely on the key to the death of ancestors to encourage future generations, so this device called Swing Bar. Ancestors driving crane west tour, descendants to make a fortune. The coffin is also the official, the material is also wealth to.
(3): Speaking of Swing Bar, here also talk about the urn, urn and Swing Bar difference, that is, the former is a horizontal opening, which is the vertical opening. The appearance of the casket is the best proof of funeral civilization with the times. But never change the meantime, the same as the transport of the urn is taboo, that is: to be selected after the end of the urn box, not covered with the lid of the urn, to be installed after the ancestral ashes, before they can be tightly covered.
(D): whether it is Swing Bar Ye Hao, or the urn also worth mentioning, conditions permit can be purchased early, but there is also a taboo. Is the home of the old man in the finished seventy birthday after the election can be greeted, in accordance with the volunteer when the old man to do the preparation, better than the old man died after the rush to prepare for their strong. Not 70 years of life is not recommended to prepare, and sixty birthday after the preparation of good shroud is different.
(5): Early to welcome the purchase of a good Swing Bar and urn, can be taken home to save. After taking home, Swing Bar's small head and the back of the urn to the door, keep in mind. Together, take home after the use of 9 feet red cloth and green cloth for the Swing Bar and urns hanging red hanging green, that is wrapped with the eighteen feet cloth or draped over it. Swing Bar and the urn, but also downside down an empty bowl in the meantime, people living in the world accounted for meaning.
Mainly as a low-key luxury connotation of the Swing Bar, gold Phoebe Swing Bar in ancient times belong to the Royal Queen. We all know that the growth period is very long, the wood has many kinds of advantages, has always been a royal queen tribute, and even as the shelter of the royal ancestors of the tools.
Imagine that you are using the Phnom Penh Swing Bar to put the remains of your ancestors, which is definitely much higher than the other popular popular Swing Bar. Fully embodies your own with a high-end atmosphere on the grade, low-key luxury connotation of the inherent quality. The foundation does not need to be compared with others, you choose to hold the ancestral remains of the gold Phoebe Swing Bar, has been clear that you have a very deep civilization, for the traditional Chinese ancient civilization filial piety has a deep discussion and understanding of their own far Super people in general quality.