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Discuss The Taboo Of Funeral Coffin Corners

Discuss the taboo of Funeral Coffin Corners
1. Now buried very little Funeral Coffin Corners, and basically are casket or small funeral corner, folk called "fire box", that is, the funeral corner of the reduced version. The first taboo is regardless of the funeral corner of the shape, size, in the absence of enchantment before the funeral corner of the bulk and the front must be common, after the enchantment, Funeral Coffin Corners and head to head together.
2. What is the name of the funeral horn? Death is already a painful work, but the dead is already dead now, the living person is still to be positive and alive, so to borrow this to encourage future generations to make a fortune, so "coffin also official, material also wealth To "come to the" funeral corner "of the name.
3. What is the difference between Funeral Coffin Corners and urns? The casket is a horizontal opening, the funeral horn is a longitudinal opening. Transport the urn is also taboo: after the descendants choose to finish the urn, can not be covered with the casket of the lid, than with the ancestors of the burden of the ancestors, the ability to cover its tight and solid.
4. What is the time to choose Funeral Coffin Corners? In the early hours, whether it is funeral corner is still the casket should be purchased early, but there is also a taboo. Is the home of the old man after 70 years of life, to be able to buy, according to the old man when the volunteer to do the preparation. Not over 70 years of life do not advocate preparation, and sixty birthday after the good shroud is different. But now these habits are not in line with people's thinking.
5. Where will the Funeral Coffin Corners be selected early? Funeral Coffin Corners and urn can be taken home to save. After taking home, funeral corner of the small head and the back of the urn to rush to the door, keep in mind. After taking home, use 9 feet red cloth and green cloth for Funeral Coffin Corners and urns red hanging green, that is, with the eighteen feet cloth wrapped or draped over it. Funeral Coffin Corners and urns, but also upside down an empty bowl in the meantime, people living in the world accounted for meaning. This is a very traditional habit.
Funeral Coffin Corners, also known as Shoujiao, Fang, Shou Fang, old room, four half, ten blocks, is carrying the human body box box, usually in the funeral use. The funeral corner of the body is called the coffin. Funeral Coffin Corners can be made from different materials, the most common to wood, generally cypress funeral, pine Funeral Coffin Corners, Phoebe Funeral Coffin Corners, willow Funeral Coffin Corners, Paulownia Funeral Coffin Corners. There are funeral Funeral Coffin Corners, stone funeral funeral and other manufacturing Funeral Coffin Corners.
Ancient coffins do not have nails, with a leather to the funeral corner and cover together. Horizontal direction of the bundle of three, vertical direction of the two bundles. Horizontal direction of wood long, vertical direction of the board short, "three long and two short" that is derived from this.
衽 Originally refers to the suture of the clothes, this refers to the coffin coffin and the coffin at the end of the wooden wedge, both ends wide and narrow, inserted into the coffin on both sides of the hole, so that cover and coffin close.衽 and leather in combination, is to tighten the coffin cover. Developed to later nail with a nail cover, both convenient and convenient, 衽 will gradually be screened.
Some of the funeral of the Funeral Coffin Corners do not have to be nails, it is said: nail usage and orientation is quite elegant, coincide with some of the implication, perhaps their so-called supernatural powers it! Remember that nails can nail the dead soul.
The Funeral Coffin Corners of the corpses are made of pine and cypress, taboo with willow. Pine and cypress signs long life. Willow is not seeded, or that leads to heirs. Some places with cypress to do Funeral Coffin Corners to be mixed with some fir, it is said that the cemetery to do with the funeral corner will be hit (touch lightning). Shou Mu do well, put it there can not move, vulgar move freely, on their own bad luck. Funeral corner of the general painted red, written on the gold word. There are also painted flowers and birds characters.
The most elegant and valuable (and rare) for the gloomy wood, followed by gold Phoebe, cedar, generally can be said that the use of fir thirteen round, is thirteen fir wood carved into a coffin. In addition to the already good paint, are white stubble into the mortuary, and then paint (a large paint on a charcoal grilled with a), but also in the coffin to write (white flat word), coffin after painting lotus.